Food Safety Culture

Food Safety Culture

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Last week we promised to share some insights about food safety culture and why it is so important now more than ever.

The concept of a food safety culture is not really that new and with most GFSI-recognised standards like BRC, IFS and FSSC already requiring some form of a food safety culture initiative or food safety awareness programme many of us are well aware of the fact that we need to be doing something

Toward the end of last year, we, here at Progress Excellence embarked on our own food safety culture journey.  We decided that we couldn’t expect our clients to do something we wouldn’t do and we were ready to embark on an adventure that would demonstrate that we are committed to delivering a sterling service to the food industry.  This journey brought about a few realizations that we may otherwise not have been aware of…

Lesson #1: R E S P E C T – mutual respect in an organizational goes a very long way in establishing a food safety culture.  By making respect a core value and aligning every decision with this value, means that people buy-in to the concept that food safety is a shared responsibility.

Lesson #2:  Lead by example – Saying one thing and doing another sends a very strong message in your organization.  It says, “you do as I say, and not as I do”.  The sad part about this is that it has the power to UNDO a whole lot of good work and results in DISTRUST.

Lesson #3: Food safety culture is not a project!  Projects have a definitive start and end, but food safety culture is a journey that never ends because we are in pursuit of food safety culture EXCELLENCE.  If you are treating it as a project, you are only relaying the message that this is only important NOW until the next “flavor of the month” comes along.

We found that small changes to our own attitude goes a long way in encouraging others to embark on their own food safety culture journey.

To shed some light on the subject we have two amazing workshops that will certainly provide more guidance while you start or even continue your own journey:

1-day Food safety Culture Excellence Workshop: This workshop pulls together the requirements of the various standards and looks as different way of creating a food safety culture and includes a nifty change-culture project plan.

3-hour Leadership in Practice session:  If you are struggling to get the leadership engagement you need to get your food safety culture programme off the ground, or if you just want to maintain your momentum by encouraging more involvement at management level, then this 3-hour session is exactly what you need!  To crown it all, it is really only 3 hours – we know the big-boss is very busy!

Contact us at for more information about these and other workshops.  We look forward to preparing a custom-offer just for you!

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